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iMovie: Do you know how?

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First, some advice:

  • LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION – over 90% of the time you should be shooting in Landscape orientation [a.k.a. SIDEWAYS]. The ONLY time Portrait Orientation is preferred is if 99% of your audience will be looking at the video on their phone, AND they don’t know how or are too lazy to turn their phone sideways.
  • GOOD AUDIO IS IMPORTANT. After all, without it you just created a silent movie. Talk louder than you think, and be aware of all the noise that it around you [try closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around.]
  • PLAN what is going to happen – it will save time. What shots do you want? What sounds? Where? Who is going to be in it?

Here’s a good process to follow when creating a video

  • Shoot your footage.
  • Get too much video – it’s easier to delete extra material than to stretch out material because you don’t have enough.
  • Put the clips in rough order.
  • Add titles.
  • Record your voiceover, if you are going to add one.
    • After recording bump the volume up as much as you can – avoid a lot of red in the waveform, though a bit is usually OK. Your ears will tell you.
  • Watch it 5 times – look for problem spots and fix them.
  • Export the movie and send it on its way. Google Drive is a good place to stash video.

Some Online Help:

Are my iPad files being backed up?

Here’s how to make sure your Notability files and Pix/Videos are backed up.


  1. Open Google Drive. Look for for the folder “Notability” – nose around to see if that last thing you created is there. If so, things are working.
  2. OR In Notability, create a new note. Scrawl something on there, then exit the note. Look at the bottom left corner – you should see the “Backing Up” circle go. If so, then things are backing up.
  3. If things are NOT working, then call up settings [the Gear icon, bottom left], select AutoBackup. Login to Google Drive. The defaults [/Notability folder, PDF format] work well.

Pix & Vids to Drive

  1. Open up Drive App
  2. Click the “hamburger menu” – the 3 stacked lines, top left
  3. Select Settings–> Photos
  4. Turn “Google Photos Folder” AND “Auto Backup” ON. The WiFi/Cellular settings don’t matter since your iPad does NOT have a cell radio.
  5. You should see a “Google Photos” folder – all of your pix and videos will be there after they finish uploading.
  6. NOTE: Deleting a photo/video on your iPad DOES NOT delete them from Drive.