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Something Scary, part 1

Halloween is coming, so here’s something really scary – a live map showing you Top DDoS attacks happening across the planet.

DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service. The “bad guys” collect a whole slew of computers and processors that they have wrangled control of, and command them all to try and get information from a particular server or website, all at the same time.

This, of course, makes the site either really slow or causes it to crash.

The value of a hacked email account

Many people use the same password at difference sites – including for their email. So if your account info was among those hacked in the many online data thefts over the last few years, those passwords may be floating around.

[You can check to see if your email address is “out there”]

So of what possible value could your hacked email account be to the “bad guys”? Here are some ideas, from Krebs on Security:

Things a hacked email account can be used for

Want more details?

League of Legends State Tournament – Want to go?


Signup sheet is outside Mr. Midkiff’s office. You do NOT have to request tickets online – but a signed permission slip is MANDATORY.

Want to attend but going to use your own transportation? CLICK HERE to request free tickets – and then go talk to Mr. Midkiff or Mr. Read about the other details.

The event takes place in Atlanta next Wednesday afternoon, January 30, 2019.